What The Faction Model…..Isn’t


It is important to emphasize that The Faction Model is simply a business model for the fitness industry.  The Faction Model is not a training method, programming system or promoter of any particular style of exercise or training.  The Model is a means of effectively delivering the training methods and exercises that you choose to implement at your facility.

There is a massive array of different beliefs, methodologies, styles and programs that can effectively and legitimately help people reach and achieve their desired goals.  We do not promote or endorse any of them.  While the book and this site may use examples that include specific exercises or programs, it is simply a means of demonstration.


Additionally, we do not believe The Faction Model is the perfect model for every facility.  There are a number of different business models in the fitness industry that have certainly proven to be massively effective for years.  We are simply proving an additional option that, we believe, provides consumers with a higher level of value than what is commonly available.


Finally, The Faction Model does not claim to make personal training & coaching obsolete.  A highly qualified and experience trainer that is continuously keeping up to date on the latest research and findings is incredibly valuable.  However, in my experience and time in this industry, I have found this to be less than 10% of the total population of personal trainers and they are very expensive.  Furthermore, most people do not truly need that level of training and coaching to achieve their personal goals.  Typically an individual will do quite well with some structured programming that fits their goals and level of fitness, coaches and trainers that can teach them technique and oversee their execution, someone who can make basic modifications and substitutions to acomodate injuries or inabilities and some motivation.  I know this may sound like personal training to some….. but The Faction Model has proven otherwise.


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