Lucas G. Irwin

Lucas G Irwin Author

Lucas G. Irwin, MBA (University of Miami, ’07), NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist, and Certified USA Powerlifting Coach, co-founded Steelhouse Fitness Miami, Inc. in 2008 with his wife, Soolmaz Hosseini. With over 10 years of training and coaching experience, Lucas has helped thousands of clients reach their personal health and fitness goals. Lucas has always been committed to improving the business side of the fitness industry. With the ultimate goal of creating accessibility to quality training and guidance, he has spend the better part of his career analyzing and rethinking the business of fitness and improving how coaching and training are delivered to consumers. With the creation of The Faction Model, he has created the new standard in providing training and guidance to the general public.

Lucas currently resides in Miami, Florida with his wife and two daughters.

Twitter: @lucasirwin

Instagram: @lucas.g.irwin